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Welcome to The Nursing Station


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A young lady visits her friendly neighbourhood registered nurse at the SOMA Health Fair, 2003. Thanks to my fellow student volunteers at the UCSF Children's Health Hut for the photo and the fun.

The very first nursing podcast - about nursing, for nurses and the public they serve.

My plan is to eventually offer a new edition every week on Friday, with a running time between 30 to 60 minutes (depending on the amount of material I have that week). That hasn't worked out so far, as life has gotten a little crazy and it is taking me a while to get the hang of organizing putting each edition together. I may only be able to do bi-weekly editions (or even monthly ones) until the end of the summer. Now that I've moved, started a new job, and gotten some of my school obligations settled, I'm hoping that I can work toward this goal. First, I have to find a way to make the editions shorter!

Topics which will routinely be covered will include:

  • Current nursing and related health care news
  • Nursing research round-up
  • An editorial rant on a current issue (or two)
  • An interview with an interesting nursing figure (or more)

I will post a synopsis for each episode, including relevant links, and citations for any journal articles quoted.

Since I've established a separate domain for this podcast (from my own homepage) I've posted all the episodes here, but the actual sound files are stored elsewhere. At some point in the future, the links for the .MP3 files will change - they are on a friend's server, as my own provider wants an arm and a leg to increase by space allocation. I will post a note when these changes occur, and provide re-direction service.


From NANDA International:

Contribute to the revolution in nursing diagnosis by submitting to the International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications.

As the official publication of NANDA International, the International Journal of Nursing Terminologies and Classifications is leading the way in the worldwide effort to develop standardized nursing languages and their applications for nurses, educators, and administrators. Editor Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson, MN, RN, is actively seeking submission for peer review. Submit your article or commentary reflecting knowledge development related to:

  • Nursing terminology and classification for diagnoses interventions, and outcomes
  • Use of nursing language in practice and education
  • The processes of clinical judgement and knowledge presentation
  • Use of nursing language and classification in research, practice, and education

To access complete submission guidelines click here. While on the site, see what this unique journal is all about by using the links on the left to the free Sample Issue on Blackwell Synergy. Be sure to sign up for our free eTOC service after you finish reading the online content so that you'll receive each new Table of Contents as it publishes!

Dear Visitors:

It has been more of a challenge than planned to get this podcast running the way I had hoped. Due to a hard drive failure, the second and third episodes were not available to be uploaded for several months. I finally salvaged the sound files, and have been able to mount these episodes.

The long delayed posting of the second edition of this podcast (due to a huge number of things that needed to be dealt with in my life - sorry about that ) has finally occurred. This was meant to be posted on May 27, but I have just now gotten it mixed and posted. I have enough material for two more posts, and then I'm going to try to streamline the process and get on track with a regular schedule. I'm also enlisting the help of my wife as the program producer, as she has a background in communication and media arts, so has done editing and production. Stay tuned.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. Links to a comment dialogue box for each edition are at the bottom of the program summary. You can post a general comment about The Nursing Station by clicking here:

Very best regards to you all,


The Nursing Station – Podcast Edition #2

podcast gif - link to mp3 file Click to download (70 min, 48.2 MB)

Date: Friday, May 27, 2005

Description: The second edition of the net's first nursing podcast. News, research, commentary, and an interview with a true blue working nurse and her challenges juggling the demands of the floor and grad school.

Click here to go to comments.


Current nursing and health care news:


The Nursing Station – Podcast Edition #1

podcast gif - link to mp3 file Click to download (70 min, 48.2 MB)

Date: Friday, May 6, 2005

Description: The inaugural edition of the first nursing podcast on the net. News, research, commentary, and an interview with the creator of The Nursing Station.

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Introduction to the podcast, including its purpose and intended audience.

Current nursing and health care news:
Happy Nurses’ Week, “alcopops”, political news, Cherry Ames, a nurse’s thoughts on Nightingale and the Iraq war, Canadian staffing issues, IV and BP Luer Lock alert, ENA forms the Academy of Emergency Nursing, retention vs. recruitment, AACN applauds AONE support for BSN, get on a reality show to provide nursing expertise

Arnie Watch:
Next rallies, where the staffing issues sits now, and some websites.

Research Round-up:
Call for presentations by ASPMN, Evidence Based Nursing conference, AACN practice alerts, evaluating EBN as opposed to EB Medicine, benefits of drinking questioned, Vit D and cancer, e-mail rots the mind, prostate cancer treatment, episiotomies add risk.

Research focus:
Lang et al’s systematic review of nurse-patient ratios.

This week (due in part to when I could schedule people to interview) I will be interviewing myself – the developer of The Nursing Station.

The power of impressions and the power of words.

Shift Change:
My two most hated questions about being a nurse.

Next edition: An interview with Heather Horgan about juggling job and grad school, more news and current research, and a commentary in response to a letter to AJN about nurses role in supporting queer teens.


I love this quote:

“The nursing station is often the hub of activity in a hospital ward. It's like Mission Control: it's where patient information is kept, where monitoring devices are located, and where doctors and visitors can make inquiries about what is happening on the ward.”

The implication, of course, is that it’s the nurses who know what is going on.


National Nurses Week 2005, May 6-12, with the theme Nurses: Many Roles, One Profession.


Get on TV (plus the Advocacy Center is a great site)


Arnie watch, including the rather lame editorial supporting the gov entitled “Nurse Ratchet” (how charming) from the Orange County Register.


Call for presentations for next year’s ASPMN conference.


AACN Practice Alerts (requires membership to access).


Lang TA, Hodge M, Olson V, Romano PS, Kravitz RL. Nurse-patient ratios: a systematic review on the effects of nurse staffing on patient, nurse employee, and hospital outcomes. J Nurs Adm. 2004 Jul-Aug;34(7-8):326-37. Review.
PMID: 15303051 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Lavin MA, Meyer G, Krieger M, McNary P, Carlson J, Perry A, James D, Civitan T. Essential differences between evidence-based nursing and evidence-based medicine. Int J Nurs Terminol Classif. 2002 Jul-Sep;13(3):101-6.
PMID: 12599512 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

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